"charity" bags Sept. 2007

These bags were dumped near the front of Abbey Farm the weekend of 22nd/23rd Sept 2007

                                                                                                    click photo to zoom

Image037.jpg Image038.jpg Image039.jpg Image040.jpg

These 4 photos are of bags left out for collection, there's a label with "THIRD WORLD APPEAL" stuck to one of them. The bags were picked up by someone who went through them and just dumped what they didn't want. Many of these so called "charities" are just money making scams but there are a few legitimate ones. Bags left out are often picked up by oppurtunists roving around spotting bags and then go through them looking for anything of value to them. They usually dump the bags in the nearest ditch. People, who have left bags out collection,  have been prosecuted after dumped items have been traced back to them.

The solution is not to leave bags out for collection and to drop bags directly to reputable charity shops or official collection points.