Celbridge:9th out of 60 towns / cities surveyed.


An excellent performance in 2009.  Celbridge has scored very well with seven of the sites surveyed Clean to European Norms.  Three of the four approach roads were excellent while the Dublin Approach Road was moderately littered.  The Main Street was well served by litter bins but still had a very obvious litter presence.  The Park beside the Liffey is a lovely amenity but was let down by some food related litter on the grassy area – extra care needs to be taken at this site due to the water life e.g. ducks / swans.


Leixlip Approach Road:  Clean to European Norms.  (old road). Despite heavy levels of traffic this was a very good site – clear of all litter and in very good condition.


Dublin Approach Road:  Moderately Littered.  (not motorway).  A small scattering of food related litter (fast-food wrappers, cans and sweet papers) took away from what was otherwise a very good site.  With a quick clean-up this could easily be Clean to European Norms.


Maynooth Approach Road:  Clean to European Norms.  (new road).  This was not just clear of litter but in pristine condition.  Hopefully the high standard of this new road can be maintained.  Road surface / signage / markings were excellent.


Newcastle Approach Road:  Clean to European Norms.  (old road).  The individual houses were well maintained and the overall impression created along this approach road was very positive.  Attractive shrubbery was well maintained and added to the road.


Main Street:  Moderately Littered.  This street was well served by litter bins but there was still a very obvious litter presence throughout – all of the litter was food related with heavy levels of cigarette butts.


Scoil Naomh Bríd:  Clean to European Norms.  This was a very well maintained school environment.  Clearly it is well respected by the users and well cared for by those responsible for the maintenance.


Celbridge Railway Station:  Clean to European Norms.  This is a relatively new train station which has been well maintained.  It wasn’t just clear of litter but in excellent condition. It was well served by litter bins and there were Litter Awareness notices.


Park beside Liffey:  Moderately Littered.  There was a small amount of litter in the grass area – this took away from an otherwise well presented environment with some water life e.g. ducks and swans.  There were just two litter bins in the area surveyed.  The installation of Litter Awareness notices may create the litter consciousness needed particularly with the water life. 


Chelmsford:  Clean to European Norms.  It would seem that residents are very house-proud in this area – the individual properties were well presented.  The overall impression created here was of a well maintained environment. 


Hazelhatch Park:  Clean to European Norms.  The attractive hedging / wooded area has been well maintained and there was a complete absence of litter at this residential area.