Celbridge Tidy Towns awards night



                14th October 2010




                              Overall Best Estate Winners - Chelmsford



Best commercial premises


The Abbey Lodge ( McNamee's)


1st Place


Castletown Inn


2nd Place





Artistic Endeavour Award




St Patricks Church







Small Estates





Ballygoran Court








1st Place

 and - Overall Winner


Chestnut Grove


Joint 3rd


Elm Park


Joint 3rd Place old estate



Grattan Court


2nd Place


Hawthorn View




Kiladoon Park


Joint 3rd


Larchfield Mews



Oakleigh (1979)



Simmonstown Park (1980)


1st Place old estate


Little Grove


Joint 3rd Place old estate


Temple Lawns/Primrose Hill



Vanessa Close




Medium Estates


Ballygoran View



Beatty Grove



Celbridge Abbey


2nd Place


Dara Court (1976 -1980)



Simmonstown Manor



Temple Manor


1st Place


Thornhill Gdns/Heights 


3rd Place

2nd Place old estate



Thornhill Meadows



Vanessa Lawns (1984)



Willowbrook Lawns (1984



Willowbrook Park & Grove




Large Estates


Abbey Farm


Joint 1st


Beatty Park




Castle Village




Castletown Estate




Crodaun Forest Park




Hazelhatch Park




The Grove




Oldtown Mill



Primrose Gate


Joint 1st


Raphael's Manor




St. Patrick's Park (1974/75)




Wolstan Abbey


3rd Place


Wolstan Haven




























Celbridge Estates judging 2010



Abbey Farm  - 84

Great entrance, well presented and maintained. A leafy neat and tidy estate free

of litter with well tended gardens.



St Raphaels Manor  - 77

Verges could be better, weeds along roadsides, some litter. Some areas of

the estate are very nicely presented. The presentation is patchy. In common

with many of the larger estates there are areas which are excellent but are

then let down by others. Nice floral touches in some of the public areas.



Celbridge Abbey  - 83

This is a well presented estate which is neat and tidy.



Ballymakealy  - 70

Nice floral display around the sign for the estate. Grass was well cut

and some containers of colourful flowers livened up the streetscape.

Litter was a problem.



Oakleigh  - 74

A very nice estate. Some weeds along the roads and grass cutting of

verges could be improved.



Grattan Court  - 84

Well done Grattan Court. Neat and tidy with a touch of imagination in

the public areas and they are also very well maintained.



Kiladoon Park  - 83

Nice mature development. Very clean. The grass area between the estate

and the road could be more imaginatively used and the trees there upgraded.



Oldtown Mill  - 79

Generally good but some weeds along the roadside.



Wolstan Haven  - 74

Shrub areas in communal areas could be upgraded and spray the area around

the trees. Some nice flowers at the entrance.



Vanessa Lawns  - 70

The estate is let down by weeds and litter.



Thornhill Heights/Gardens  - 81

A well presented estate with a little litter but overall pleasantly maintained.



Ballygoran Court/View  - 76

Sign well presented and the verges well maintained. litter was a problem.



Thornhill Meadows  - 79

The sign at the entrance was great and the presentation of the estate overall

was good. There was some litter about which might have been removed.



Castle Village  - 72

A variable presentation with weeds along roadsides and some verges uncut.



Ashgrove  - 78

This was a well presented area but was let down somewhat by litter.



Willowbrook Lodge  - 80

Generally well maintained.



Willowbrook Park  - 65

The estate could be improved by more consistent care of verges.



Willowbrook Lawns  - 66

Lots of weeds and litter.



Beatty Park  - 66

Weeds, some verges not cut, litter a big problem.



Beatty Grove  - 70

Nice arrangement at the entrance. some weeds, some litter, some verges untidy.




Crodaun Forest Park  - 77

Celbridge is full of surprises and this estate is one of them – and a stream

runs through it. The entrance is good but unfortunately let down by some litter.

Some verges let the side down but overall good.



Hawthorn View  - 78

This is a small secluded estate. Some litter about and some of the verges were uncut.



Chestnut Grove  - 83

Good public areas, well maintained, better than average no weeds.



Larchfield Mews  - 73

Lots of weeds, no litter. Some good and not so good gardens.



Castletown Estate  - 75

This open plan estate has a good sense of personality. Very clean but let down by

inconsistent maintenance with some areas of grass not cut.



Dara Court  - 74

A comfortable lived in estate, no weeds and little litter, variable verges.



Elm Park  - 78

The entrance was good but there were weeds in the verges. The grass was cut

and neat.



St Patricks Park  - 74

Some great touches with the colourful entrance sign and nice to see the sunflowers

over the walls of one garden.



Vanessa Close  - 74

The estate runs down to a stream and is mixed with some well maintained areas let

down by others not so well maintained.



The Grove  - 74

The verges were not all cut. This is a nice mature estate with new trees planted.

Roadsides clean.



Simmonstown Manor  - 75

Weeds along the roadside could have been tidied up.



Temple Manor  - 84

Pretty entrance, some litter, well maintained verges but with a weed or two.

A lovely redbrick estate with a nice aura.



Chelmford  - 85

A well presented estate showing good effort and thought. Some weeds at the entrance

and litter let this nice estate down a little, otherwise well presented.



The Little Grove  - 78

New grass area laid out at entrance. No weeds, no litter, neat edges.



Primrose Hill/Temple lawns  - 74

Some weedy communal beds, weeds along roads, cans



Simmonstown Park  - 82

A small neat estate with well maintained public areas and gardens. The

park seats are a nice touch



Hazelhatch Park  - 68

Lots of appartments with powerlines running through the estate. The

original landscaping is now getting weedy in places and needs maintainance.

Hedge at entrance could be a feature but needs tending to.



Primrose Gate -  84

Pretty flowers at one entrance. Well landscaped and well maintained. Nice

individual touches individualising planting. Very clean and nicely kept.

The green area could have had better soil but in time will settle in.

Trees could do with a bit of tlc to get them settled. No litter.

A nice new estate.



Wolstan Abbey  -  80

Nice estate. Well kept apart from the odd weed along the roadside. Some

bottles and cans about unfortunately.