Tidy Towns Competition 2007

                                           Adjudication Report

                                   Centre:    Celbridge                                                            Ref:    338

                                  County:    Kildare                                                               Mark:    227

                               Category:    G                                                                    Date(s):    19/06/2007


                                                                                                                Maximum                     Mark

                                                                                                                    Mark                 Awarded 2007

                                       Overall Development Approach                      50                             30

                                               The Built Environment                               50                             29

                                                       Landscaping                                       50                             27

                                        Wildlife and Natural Amenities                       50                             30

                                                        Litter Control                                       50                             25

                                                 Waste Minimisation                                 20                               7

                                                           Tidiness                                           30                             16

                                                   Residential Areas                                  40                             28

                                       Roads, Streets and Back Areas                      50                             28

                                                 General Impression                                10                               7

                                                       TOTAL MARK                                     400                           227

      Overall Development Approach:

      Celbridge is most welcome to the 2007 National Tidy Towns Competition.  Thank you for your comprehensive

      submission and open letter to the adjudicator.  The letter made interesting reading and was insightful into how

      the committee feel regarding their progress over the last few years and an apparent shortfall in help from

      statutory bodies.  The adjudicator wishes the committee and the community in general every good luck for the

      future and urges you not to feel discouraged as you have a beautiful town with a strong heritage and some

      wonderful features so it is important that you continue to build on what has been achieved to date.  Your

      partnership approach with various bodies is appreciated and your work with local schools has not gone

      unnoticed either. 



      The Built Environment:

      A lot has been achieved for the built heritage of Celbridge in recent years which can only improve  the towns

      status in the public eye.  Well done on the re-roofing of the Mill Community Centre and also on the outcome of

      your negotiations with Tesco Ireland. We look forward to an increase in bilingual signs to enhance the built

      environment of Celbridge.  The grounds of commercial premises on approach roads were admired and in

      particular those of Weatherford and Innothera.  We wish you every success in the implementation of your

      proposed plans under this heading. 


      Stands of mature trees which graced the Dublin approach road are handsome and form an excellent

      introduction to Celbridge.  The latter was complemented by the old stone roadside boundary wall of the

      Orchard Garden Centre.  Recently planted trees are acknowledged and hopefully they will get an opportunity

      to mature.  New planting to the roadside of the Aldi outlet was in full bloom as were flower displays in the town

      centre particularly at the Old Mill; the grotto is a lovely feature.  Your difficulty regarding the funding of grass

      cutting is appreciated.  The Famine Graveyard initiative is exciting.  We wish you every success regarding the

      presentation of commercial premises not listed by the adjudicator.  Your ongoing Adopt a Tree programme

      initiative is worthwhile.

      Wildlife and Natural Amenities:

      The Donagh Cumper graveyard was admired in respect of its excellent roadside boundary walls, its semi

      mature trees inside and its neat grassed areas and well organised car parking outside.  Some dead trees

      need to be either removed or under planted, those noted by the adjudicator included two Yew trees and one

      old pine.  The installation of bird feeders on trees at the back wall of the Famine Graveyard are noted, well

      done.  It is good to note that an environmental consultant has been retained to advise on the identification and

      protection of sites of ecological importance within Celbridge. This is the type of initiative that is necessary to

      protect against development pressures.  Congratulations to the schools, which have achieved Green Flag

      status, and the planting of a wild flower meadow on the Clane Road.  No doubt the introduction of ducks onto

      the River Liffey are a great attraction to youngsters.  We wish you every success with the development of the

      proposed Sli na Slainte walk together with the proposal to reopen the amenity park at Celbridge Abbey to the

      public.  Hopefully your discussions with the Board of Works will bear fruit regarding the safe development of

      the river walk at Castletown House.



      Litter Control:

      Litter control was excellent throughout the town.  Some lapses in control were noted on the Maynooth Road

      and on the main street outside the Londis premises; some takeaway litter was noted on the road edge near

      St. Patrick’s Park (Church Road).  Congratulations on Celbridge’s participation in the Annual Spring Clean and

      your twice weekly litter pickups within the town, it is good to note the participation of the schools in this regard. 

      Continue to encourage local residents to take responsibility for litter control in their own area.  Do keep us

      informed of the results of your litter survey as this can be a source of additional marks.

      Waste Minimisation:

      It is good to note that litter picked is segregated for recycling and reference has already been made regarding

      the Green Flag schools.  We wish you every success in identifying an appropriate site for a recycling facility in

      Celbridge.  Well done in particular on your waste minimisation strategy and the successful website for this. 

      Your leaflets on Composting Best Practice to all households in the town is an excellent initiative. 




      It is good to note that all-day parking is no longer allowed along the main street and the improvement in the

      visual amenity of Celbridge as a result, the appointment of a traffic warden has been effective.  A couple of

      untidy entrances were noted on the Dublin Road, which no doubt will be improved upon re-development.  The

      entrance to Donagh Cumper Riding School might be resurfaced to good effect.  Work in progress was noted

      on the new Tesco store.  The overall appearance was one of tidiness with good weed control.  However,

      some weeds were still in evidence along footpaths but this was not a serious problem.

      Residential Areas:

      The organisation of an inter-estate table quiz open to the thirty six residential estates within Celbridge is

      excellent.  Your Best Kept Estate Competition no doubt makes an important contribution to the excellent

      appearance of most estates.  The name stone which marked the entrance to Beatty Park was most attractive

      together with its flower displays and Vanessa Lawns was admired for its well-maintained grassed verges and

      young trees; the entrance to the Oldtown Mill was admired also.  The overall standard under this heading is




      Roads, Streets and Back Areas:

      Your Approach Road Manager scheme is quite novel, it appears to be effective in maintaining approach roads

      to Celbridge to a good standard.  Your Tidy Towns designated phone line is an excellent initiative also.  The

      Dublin Road looked quite well in respect of road and footpath surfaces together with high stone walls.  The

      Maynooth Road was also well surfaced with a good footpath and cycle lane.  Street furniture is being nicely

      maintained and their bright red colour is attractive, timber bollards were admired.



      General Impression:

      Your plans for the sculpture in the Famine Graveyard together with the Meadow Grass Development are

      exciting and we look forward to visiting this in the years to come.  Well done on a fine performance this year.




Results for Category G 2007



Place    marks          Town

  1)          296         Letterkenny        

  2)          295         Ennis

  3)          292         Kilkenny

  4)          275         Carlow                  

  5)          270         Clonmel

  6)          269         Tralee

  7)          268         Newbridge

  8)          264         Naas

  9)          259         Ballincollig

10)          254         Portlaoise

11)          250         Leixlip

12)          248         Wexford

13)          237         Douglas

14)          235         Mullingar

15)          227         Celbridge


16)          225         Ballymun

17)          215         Clontarf + Bull Island

18)          202         Glasnevin

19)          200         Dundrum


20)          197         Santry

21)          195         Artane